5 Reasons We’re Dying to See Scream Queens Season 2

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Fashion, Now Trending

The Chanels are back and they’re gonna be in trouble. Season two of Glee and American Horror Story mastermind Ryan Murphey’s Scream Queens premiers on September 20th and we are DYING to see what kind of horror and hilarity the Kappas are up to this season.

Unfortunately, a few of our fashionable favorites will not be returning this season…

R.I.P #2

But the rest of the team is alive, well, and looking fabulous as ever. For now.


Here’s all the things we’re dying to see in season two!

#1. The Faux Fur Mafia

Nobody can rock pastel colored fake fur like #TeamChanel. No seriously, no one can – because it looks ridiculous on anyone except these ridiculous characters. But that’s why we love them, and love to live vicariously through their style.

#2. Feathers


Not only does Chanel #1 enjoy the luxurious feel of fur, she also likes the lavish look of frills and feathers. And Emma Roberts pulls off the feathered look without looking too much like an ostrich.

#3. Spotting Outfits We’ve Already Blogged About

Chanel Oberlin’s pink snake dress was featured on the Hanger blog last year after we spotted a gallery goer at Miami’s Art Basel wearing it. Dare we say… we saw it first?

#4. Matching Pastel Outfits


The Chanels aren’t superheroes, but they dress in color-coordinated outfits often enough that they’d give the Power Rangers a run for their money. We can’t wait to see what they’ll be wearing on campus this season.

#5. The KKT Closet


Seriously, it’s the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen. The word on the street is that season two will be taking place in a hospital, but we hope we’ll get to take at least a few brief trips back to the Kappa Kappa Tau house to gaze at the glory that is this closet, and drool.

#6 will be Ida McKinley, #3 will be Lucritia Garfield, and #5 will be Mary Todd Lincoln.

“Number six will be Ida McKinley, number three will be Lucritia Garfield, and number five will be Mary Todd Lincoln.”

Your closet may never rival that of the Chanels, but you can at least create your own circle of style minions by creating a digital closet on the Hanger app and then connecting closets with your besties for style inspiration and outfit creation! We wouldn’t recommend trying to rename them all Chanel, but they can at least add a number to the end of their username. 😉

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