5 Ways to Have the Best Semester Ever

by | Nov 14, 2016 | College Lifestyle, Mizzou, On Campus

Hey friends! The semester may be coming to a close (three cheers for Christmas Break, am I right?!), yet I’ve been all about thankfulness and I’ve really been thinking about why I’m thankful for college and the things I’ve learned about having great semesters. Today, I’m here to share a few things that I feel like have truly impacted my college experience in such a positive way, and instead of keeping them all to myself, I wanted to share them with you!

Find a Mentor.

This one took me a while to learn, because it’s now my junior year and I’m just now figuring out how beneficial it was that I have two mentors in my life. What I found this year was that I have two women in my life; one who is a professional mentor to me, and the other who is a personal mentor to me. Both of them help me so much and we can talk about anything together. Sometimes the advice and opinions of an older woman help so much in the sea of college girls that I normally surround myself around. Their opinions are usually different than that of my friends, and I take both into account when making a decision. There are lots of places to find a mentor, but if you’re specifically looking to find a professional mentor, I would suggest reaching out to someone in your city that is in a similar career that you would one day want, and meet regularly with them over coffee or something! Little conversations go a long ways!

5 Ways to Have the Best Semester Ever | u.hanger.io

Enjoy Some “Me” Time

Every time the weekend used to roll around, I found myself freakishly panicking and figuring out my plans to ensure that every waking moment of the weekend was spent with my friends, boyfriend, and everyone else in the world. I needed to have plans 100% of the time in order to feel like I truly “enjoyed” my weekend. Recently though, I’ve been looking at it a bit differently. During my more recent Friday nights, you can find me…cooking a new recipe, watching a movie, and simply enjoying some peace and quiet. It’s been so unexpectedly refreshing to have some down time and see life slowing down a bit.

5 Ways to Have the Best Semester Ever | u.hanger.io

Be Ambitious.

Each semester of college so far, I have held an internship. Sometimes that looked like an online internship where I ran social media accounts for several different online publications. Other times, that looked like sitting in an office in my college town, analyzing data reports of different small businesses. Each internship brought with it new skills and abilities that I now can look back and see the immense growth that I’ve had. Not only have these opportunities resulted in a pretty kick butt resume, but they have also allowed me to make so many connections in the field that I would one day want to go into. Every student you graduate with will have the same title as you and will have taken the same classes. All of my internships have gifted me with the opportunity to show a way to be set apart from my peers when it comes time to applying to jobs.

Stay Organized.

Seriously. It’s just a necessary element of college that you’ve got to get down pat. Whether this looks like color coordinating your planner, or planning out your outfits for the week on the Hanger App, there is nothing like organization. Some of my favorite tips for staying organized are meal prepping for the week on Sunday nights so I’m all ready to go for the following week, and simply packing my backpack before class in the morning to avoid an early morning scramble for the right notebooks.

5 Ways to Have the Best Semester Ever | u.hanger.io

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

When I came to college, the majority of my friend group from high school parted ways. The only person I was good friends with was my roommate, so I was forced to branch out and make all new friends. This couldn’t have been a better experience for me and I’m so thankful I made the decision to attend the university that I did. I joined random clubs and groups, simply to get involved. Some of these organizations that I tried out in the beginning didn’t end up being the perfect fit (I’m talking to you, Electronic DJ Club, haha), but they all equipped me with both new skills and friends. One of the biggest things that I ended up doing to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people was my decision to study abroad. This was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and now, some of my best friends at my university are the ones that I met while studying abroad in Spain. You’ll never know what happens when you get outside of your comfort zone and try something that you previously would have never even thought about.

About 6.7% of the world’s population has a college degree.

Be thankful. Don’t let that one bad grade define you, much less ruin your week. You are so incredibly lucky to have the privilege to go to school, so make the most of it! Have fun. Make friends. Work hard. And have the best semester ever. I believe in you!

Much love,


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