9 Tips to Dress Your Best for Fall Recruitment

by | Jul 20, 2016 | College Lifestyle, Greek Life

Hello future Pi Beta Phis, Chi Omegas, Delta Zetas, Tri Deltas, and Kappa Theta Gamma Beta Alpha Chi Deltas! Recruitment is an exciting time for all college students especially freshmen. This fall recruitment, I am going to be a Gamma Chi, which is a mentor that guides the PNM’s (potential new members) through the week. Basically my job is to help you girls feel as comfortable and confident as possible, so I am here to give y’all some tricks to remain true to yourself and find the sorority that best fits you!


9 Tips to Dress Your Best for Fall Recruitment | Hanger.io

1. Accessorize.

Unique rings, necklaces, or bracelets not only add to your look but are great conversation pieces. They give a glimpse into your personal style and will help your conversation standout from the 500 other convos the girls will have that day.

2. Dress for the weather.

It’s highly likely that it’s going to be boiling hot, so leave your jackets and jeans at home…or in your new dorm room you independent thing you. I know you are dying to break out your new and improved fall wardrobe, but be patient it’s still summer. You’re bound to still be experiencing the summer heat during recruitment, so keep your fall wardrobe in your closet for now. Comfort is the ultimate key to confidence this week!

3. Plan your outfits.

Outfit planning is a must! Decide what you want to wear for recruitment now to be sure you have the necessary pieces for each outfit. The Hanger App is the perfect tool for this and to eliminate later stressors because the last thing you need to worry about is what necklace you are going to wear with your new shift dress. Upload your items to the app, and create different outfits for each day. You can schedule which day you want to wear them and viola! Also, the app lets you share your outfits with friends to get their opinions and approval! You are now ready to conquer the week in confidence with your cohesive outfits.

4. Do NOT wear heels.

Just don’t do it. It’s better to be cute and comfortable than have blisters covering your feet, and if you have to wear heels, bring flip flops to wear in between parties.

5. Keep your face feeling fresh.

Bring makeup and oil blotters to get rid of the subtle dew that has formed on your pretty little face.

6. Beauty should not mean pain.

Dress comfy. It will give you more confidence when you are not worried about pulling your skirt down or sucking in wearing your skin-tight dress.

7. Stick to lightweight and loose clothing.

It’s likely that you will be nervous about the week, and nerves equal sweat. Not to mention the scorching heat won’t help with your perspiration.  No one wants to be self conscience about those pit stains, so stick to lightweight cottons, rayons, or linens to conceal your sweaty self.

8. Cute updos go a long way.

Let’s be honest: wearing your hair down means that you are constantly worried about your curls falling, your frizzy hair transforming into an afro, or keeping that Snooki-like volume all day long. Throw your hair up in a cute messy ponytail or add in a cute French braid to keep your hair off your neck and feeling fabulous. Updos can also add to showing off your personal style! Hair up means one less worry on your mind.


I am not going to lie: you’re going to be pooped, but don’t let that dull your sparkle. Everyone is tired and y’all are going through the week together, so enjoy it and show off your pearly whites.

9 Tips to Dress Your Best for Fall Recruitment | Hanger.io

I know the anxiety of the week is probably setting in but take a deep breathe. You are an incredible person, and as long as you are true to yourself you will end up right where you are meant to be. It is super duper important to keep an open mind and have no prejudgements going into recruitment. Step back, realize that you will end up in the right house, and have fun with it! There is a sorority for everyone, so honey it is your time to show these college girls how awesome you are.

Shine bright like a diamond. -Rihanna

Peace and love,


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