Acing Your Internship Interview Wardrobe

by | Aug 26, 2016 | College Lifestyle, Fashion, Post Grad Life

It’s no secret that the interviewing process can be daunting. Between the mental, emotional, and physical preparation, interviews can make the summa cum laude of college students feel like curling up in a onesie and watching Rugrats. Landing an internship is no different, especially if you’ve come from a four year long practice of rolling out of bed and heading straight to class. What you wear is half the battle, but a key strategy to winning the war against unemployment is making a positive first impression.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for all those 20-something ladies out there taking the first step into adulthood.


It can be quite the struggle to find a  happy medium between professional and personal. While you don’t want to make a practice out of wearing your lucky pair of KEDS to a professional interview, wearing a generic navy pantsuit isn’t necessarily much better. Instead, think along the lines of personal-trendiness meets business-casual.


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True personal style is subjective and something that everyone should showcase, but only to a certain degree. It’s great to make a statement piece out of your favorite color or accessory, but you don’t want to make too many different statements in one sitting or else everyone, your interviewer included, won’t understand what you’re trying to say. Less is more, gals.


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I think everyone has, at some point, purchased something new to wear for an important event. Whether you opt to choose from a store rack or your own closet, make sure that you always plan ahead. Keep in mind that during the interviewing process, you do have someone assessing you, which is not necessarily the norm. So know what you’re wearing, how it fits, what pairs well with it, etc. beforehand to make sure your first impression with a potential employer isn’t marred by thoughts of, “Does she know that blouse is see through?”

Most importantly, be confident! What you wear is only a part of what makes you shine. Even the be-all-end-all of interview outfits can be ruined if discomfort and agitation are glaringly present. Work what you’ve got, ladies, and I promise that good things will follow.



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