Author: Ashley Dolan

These Two Ole Miss Freshmen Just Dominated Dorm Room Style

These college girls’ Ole Miss dorm captured the internet with a single tweet, and understandably so! Lindy shared the back story to her and Abby’s oh-so-stylish freshmen dorm room and how they pulled it all off!     First off, I want to say that Abby and Lindy have killer style! But what I love most about this is that they totally get what we practice every day with Hanger. Some people were quick to judge, assuming that they spent a ridiculous amount of money but we got the real scoop.  Q: Share the back story! Why’d you decide...

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Spring Break Packing: 6 Things it’s Okay to Buy

Whether you’re going on college spring break, or you’re just dying to soak up a little sun and flee the office for warmer temps, it’s time to start thinking about packing. If you’re like me, I get so used to the cold weather that the thought of spring clothes becomes a foreign concept to me. Packing for a spring break trip while I’m still experiencing plunging temperatures is rather difficult and tends to launch me into a shopping spree splurge…. In college, before we started our trek to the lovely Panama City Beach, I came back home to meet the rest...

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