Author: Ashley Klenke

5 Reasons We’re Dying to See Scream Queens Season 2

The Chanels are back and they’re gonna be in trouble. Season two of Glee and American Horror Story mastermind Ryan Murphey’s Scream Queens premiers on September 20th and we are DYING to see what kind of horror and hilarity the Kappas are up to this season. Unfortunately, a few of our fashionable favorites will not be returning this season… R.I.P #2 But the rest of the team is alive, well, and looking fabulous as ever. For now. Here’s all the things we’re dying to see in season two! #1. The Faux Fur Mafia Nobody can rock pastel colored fake...

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The 90s Called, They Want Their Fashion Back

Like, no way. The 90s are totally back–in all their glory. The days when Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher was your fashion idol have returned – and we think it’s all dat and a bag of chips. Don’t get me wrong, some things should stay in the past….like your exes. Overalls, anyone? Ugh. As if. But when it comes to fashion, it’s cyclical baby. For those of you that don’t remember what the 90s garb entailed, let’s take a little look into the looks that have made their way back, so you can all be “bout it, bout it.” Make-Up...

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Back to College Fashion Essentials

Attn: College co-eds: Party’s over kids!! …It’s <dun, dun, dun> BACK TO SCHOOL! I know, the thought of sitting through Professor Schwarnsnickle’s erudite lecture on why college kids are lazy is less than appealing after a warm summer filled with BBQs, babes, and-dare I say it-booze. But before you worry about what awaits you in the collegiate lecture halls of your university, you need to figure out what garb you will be enrobing your sassy self in. Back-to-school packing/shopping is a fun, exciting, impossible, and stressful experience wrapped in one little ball of emotion. Shopping-fun. New clothes-exciting. Packing it...

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