Author: Madeline Childs

9 Tips to Dress Your Best for Fall Recruitment

Hello future Pi Beta Phis, Chi Omegas, Delta Zetas, Tri Deltas, and Kappa Theta Gamma Beta Alpha Chi Deltas! Recruitment is an exciting time for all college students especially freshmen. This fall recruitment, I am going to be a Gamma Chi, which is a mentor that guides the PNM’s (potential new members) through the week. Basically my job is to help you girls feel as comfortable and confident as possible, so I am here to give y’all some tricks to remain true to yourself and find the sorority that best fits you!   1. Accessorize. Unique rings, necklaces, or...

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15 Feels Everyone Who’s Ever Worn a Romper Knows

Hopping out of bed thinking that it’s a genius and fashionable idea, you toss on a romper, but as the day goes on you start to think twice about your morning decision. 1.  I love rompers! *buys 20*  2. Yay! I don’t need to put together an outfit!   3. Why doesn’t this fit my torso??   4. Do I need to add accessories to this romper?   5. Is my romper too formal for today?   6. Why are backless rompers a thing? Now I need to find a bra, or do I go braless? What if a...

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