Author: McKenzie Clark

Dress Well, Test Well

I  constantly have Christmas songs stuck in my head and Christmas cookies on my mind at this point in the semester. There’s nothing more I would love than to be sipping on hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies with my roommates all day long, but instead I’m stuck in the library until 2 am studying for finals. Womp. With finals week upon us it’s so easy to fall into the trap of leggings, big sweaters, and messy buns for long nights of studying. But this finals week, I encourage you all to remember the “dress well, test well” mantra...

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6 Reasons to Stop Everything And Find Your Hanger Campus Rep

The Hanger app connects your closet with your friends and favorite brands while tracking the clothes you own and the styles you love. By visually organizing your wardrobe in your virtual closet and allowing your friends access to your outfit gallery, Hanger allows you to share and borrow the things you love, give and get style advice, and be smarter about what you buy – and we’re coming to a campus near you! Our Hanger Campus Brand Ambassadors are on eight campuses across the country sporting some pretty awesome Hanger swag that you can win. Check it out. 1. We...

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Show Your School Pride with College Colors Day

S eptember 2nd marks the 12th annual College Colors Day! With the start of September giving all of us those fall feels, College Colors Day is an opportunity to rock your school colors in celebration of football season right around the corner. This day is all about showing school spirit while expressing your style. Check out how our campus brand ambassadors are wearing their school pride for today’s celebration! Whether you love to wear an oversized school tee or a preppy dress to a tailgate, always rock your style! If you upload a picture of you showing your colors...

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How to Maximize Your Closet on a Budget

I often find myself staring into my closet, full of frustration. How do I have all of these clothes, but nothing to wear? Having a shopping problem on college budget is not particularly easy, but I’ve realized it’s not about a whole new wardrobe — it’s about what is most important to me and my individual style. We’re all guilty of buying that dress or sweater that we swore we were going to wear all the time. Maybe we wore it once, maybe even twice, or maybe it still has the tag on it! Or, if you’re like me…your...

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