Author: Olivia Bleeker

How I’m Making the NYFW Trends Work for Me

A s I sit here writing this post, I’m typing it up at my desk in my duplex in my college town in middle America. To me, more often than not, it feels like one of the farthest places in the world from NYC’s bustling streets. Some days, I’ll type “New York City” into my Instagram search bar so I can wistfully browse the current posts coming out of NYC that day. It makes me feel in some strange way, just a bit closer to the city that inspires me so much. While this year didn’t necessarily bring me...

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A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Mizzou and Downtown Columbia

Hey guys! My name is Olivia and I write over at A Drop in the Ocean, a fashion + lifestyle blog! I spent my summer interning in the office for Hanger and learning all kinds of things related to social media and marketing. The Hanger team is absolutely the coolest and I’m so glad I had that opportunity to get to hang with them for the summer! As an International Apparel Merchandising major, it was the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and delve into the wonderful world of social media. During the semester however, I’m the Campus Influencer at...

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Own Your Campus Style With Confidence

Heading back to campus brings lots of excitement for some, but for others, it can bring lots of anxiety. For me, the anxiety comes when it’s time to prep my outfits for the semester. After rethinking things last fall semester, I made a change. I no longer really cared what people thought about my outfits. I began wearing what I wanted to wear and loving every minute of it. This applied to when I was going out, going to class, or studying in the library. Since I’m in the fashion program at my university, I’m surrounded by some pretty...

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