University of Georgia: The Dawg Days Are Upon Us

by | Sep 15, 2016 | College Lifestyle, Fashion, Georgia, On Campus, Schools, Sports

I think almost everyone can agree that college football and tailgates can make you forget about all the stress of your responsibilities. That first Saturday game day approaches and it makes all your hard work during the week worth it! Time to sport that Georgia red and cheer on the Dawgs! Wondering what to wear? Look no further dawg fans, here are the top styles for game days for the rest of the season!

Romp Around Downtown

Out are the days of plain red dresses. Go for a more stylish romper whether it be strapless or the more recently popular off the shoulder style. Can’t find a plain red outfit in that style? No problem! Patterned rompers or skirts that have a mixture of red, black, and white are perfectly acceptable. You can easily take this look from Saturdays between the hedges, to that semi-formal coming up with a simple switch of accessories.


The Perfect Combo

Don’t want the hassle of a romper every time you have to use the bathroom? We’ve all been there. Fashionable cropped skirts and skorts are all the rage this year and they’re great paired with a stylish top. White skorts always looks perfect with a black or red colored top, but it’s a risky if choice when you’re surrounded by thousands of rowdy Bulldawg fans.

Red Hot

Don’t have any red in your wardrobe (which is not likely if you live in Athens)? Pair a cute white and black outfit with a double-wrap red necklace or a pair of red beaded bracelets. Accessorizing a chic black and white romper or shirt and skirt combo will give your outfit that much needed red spark! Sunglasses are a major key to avoiding those mid-game headaches. Colored shades are all the rage so dare to be different! The funkier the better!


Wear that Jersey with Pride

If you are feeling lazy and don’t feel like dressing up for game day, don’t fret! Jerseys will always be a cute go-to for game days and look great with a double-wrap necklace and your favorite pair of cowboy boots.


My last piece of advice for all you dawgs out there! DON’T wear the same outfit every game day! Use the Hanger app to track how many times you’ve worn a certain game day outfit so you can Instagram every Saturday without showing the world you’ve re-worn an outfit two weeks in a row! Connect with your friends and dive into their red wardrobes for new game day outfit combos. Total money saver and no more game day outfit panic!

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