No White Shoes After Labor Day

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Fashion, Georgia, Schools, Style Tips

With fall weather slowly making its mark, it’s time to ditch those summer flip flops and sandals. Forget about them! Throw on your favorite pair of booties or sneakers and relish in the fact that you won’t need to worry about getting a pedicure! Here are this fall’s top shoe style trends.

Booties, Booties, Booties, Booties Rocking Everywhere

This fall, booties will complete your outfit. Whether you wear them with your favorite pair of ripped jeans or pair them with a sweater dress, your outfit will scream Pinterest model. Live in the south and have hot weather until November? No problem! Open-toed boots are very stylish and will keep your feet feeling cool.

All Laced Up

Tie up those shoes because everyone is wearing laced up shoes. Whether they wrap around the bottom of your calf or just lace up on the top of your foot, you’re doing something right. Not only are they super cute but also helpful because you never have to worry about your shoe sliding off!



If you need to give your dogs a break from those heeled booties and tight laces, throw on some retro Gazelle’s or some slip on sneakers. Both look great with black jeans and a relaxed tee. They are comfy but make you look super trendy at the same time. Show off that athletic side of your personality.



Now you may not have long, Amazon legs like Taylor Swift, but you can still rock some over the knee boots this fall. They double as pants and boots so what could be better!


Last tip: if I can perSUEDE you to buy anything it would be some suede shoes or boots. They look cute and feel nice, too. Make sure to download Hanger: The Connected Closet and follow my closet @hanger_georgia to check out some other fall style on UGA’s campus!


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