These Two Ole Miss Freshmen Just Dominated Dorm Room Style

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Back To School, College Lifestyle, DIY, Dorm Living, Ole Miss, On Campus

These college girls’ Ole Miss dorm captured the internet with a single tweet, and understandably so! Lindy shared the back story to her and Abby’s oh-so-stylish freshmen dorm room and how they pulled it all off!




First off, I want to say that Abby and Lindy have killer style! But what I love most about this is that they totally get what we practice every day with Hanger. Some people were quick to judge, assuming that they spent a ridiculous amount of money but we got the real scoop. 

dorm before

Q: Share the back story! Why’d you decide to do this and how did you come up with your decor?

Lindy: So Abby and I met through a mutual friend on social media last September.  We were able to meet in person while on a campus tour in October, and had been planning our room since December!  We knew we wanted something calm and decided that the dusty blue would be our main color.  The headboards, pillows, and extra long bed skirts were made by a fabric store in Abby’s hometown and the rest was found at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, Target, antique stores, and within our own homes.  The dresser is a fun piece I think. Abby found it at an antique store and it was dark wood and missing a drawer.  She had it repainted and added little crystal knobs from Home Depot and voila!  The curtain on the dresser covers paper plates and such and is made out of a kitchen towel I found on the TJ Maxx clearance aisle (for 3 bucks).  The lamps were on clearance at Hobby Lobby and our favorite pieces, the ostrich and llama paintings above our bed are by Vacation Oxford and we found them at the Mustard Seed antique mall here in Oxford, Mississippi.  We think they are SO sweet and fun!!

dorm after


Q: How does it make you feel to have such a nice room to come back to when you’re at school and away from home?

Lindy: It is so comforting to have a room that feels cozy.  Being away from home is hard enough, add living in a dorm into the mix and it’s even worse.  Making our room feel homey is so nice and its like our little sanctuary.


Abby and Lindys room


Q: You clearly have killer style! What does personal style mean to you?

Lindy: Thank you so much!! Personal style to me is something that speaks volumes about a person before they even open their mouth. It represents them, of course, on the surface level but it reaches deeper.  Personal style represents a person’s personality and values, I believe.




Q: We gotta know – Are your closets as perfect as your room is?

Lindy: Our closets are hidden by blue drapes, but behind that is our trash cans (glamorous, I know) and cheap plastic drawers filled with PJ pants and fuzzy socks.  They haven’t gotten too messy yet, and we honestly have a lot more room in them than we expected!


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Q: What kind of advice would you give to an incoming freshman planning their dorm room decor? 

Lindy: I’d tell incoming freshman to start thinking about finding a roommate as soon as you have decided on your school!  This way, you can get to know each other before talking about rooms and you can further understand what the other person wants to get out of their life in a dorm.  Once you’ve established that you both want to decorate your dorm then you can start by finding one piece of inspiration! This could be a rug, comforter, or perhaps a llama painting.  Whichever you prefer, ya know?  But remember during the process some things can go wrong and that’s okay!  We brought 10 throw pillows to move in and ended up using 5, but we had some room for trial and error this way! (Most of those pillows were all in my bedroom back home, I really like pillows. Whoops.)


Abby and Lindy did a fantastic job of turning a jail cell of a dorm room into a beautifully stylish pad for them to come back to. Style doesn’t mean spending an insane amount of money. Style means getting the most out of the things you have, making smart purchases, and surrounding yourself with things that represent you!

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